It’s easy to tell someone they need to learn the soft skills of #Leadership, Effective #Communication, #Criticalthinking, Listening, #Adaptability, #Organization and #Teamwork.

But, how do they actually learn and then adopt these skills if they don’t have the means to get out of their own way to do so?

I was on the phone with a wellness coordinator recently who said, “We keep throwing competencies at people, like telling them they need to communicate better, but we’re not giving them the personal development needed to actually develop those competencies!”

Research indicates 75% of success is attributed to soft skills. Therefore in our training we include the personal development necessary for a person to embrace and use each soft skill.

Let’s use communication as an example. One team member feels over powered by another so they don’t speak up with ideas or opinions when he or she feels things are off track. This person needs the personal development necessary to overcome seeing themselves as less than someone else.

This is why the focus in our Soft Skills Mastery Process is on the personal #transformation a person needs to embrace a life of personal growth. With this transformation they can develop emotional intelligence and the list of soft skills above, along with several more.

We begin with #mindfulness. But, we don’t simply instruct a person to be mindful. We actually give them our Instant Mindfulness MethodTM so they can be mindful! Next, we move onto removing their past and programming so they can fully use the experience of their past without being triggered emotionally by it.

Then we move into how to develop healthy work relationships that include empathy, understanding and actually getting to know someone. In this type of relationship both people are looking for and creating mutually beneficial outcomes. In other words they’re not selfish! 

We end with how to dream and vision to create the joy and success we all desire at work and in the rest of your lives. In between we address and include the personal development a person needs for each of the soft skills in the list at the beginning of this article.

Here is a list of everything we’ve found to be necessary in our Soft Skills Mastery Process. This program is always evolving. So, we would love your feedback.

  • Mindfulness
  • Eliminate overwhelm and stress
  • Remove what triggers you emotionally
  • Change your relationship to your past
  • Eliminate unrealistic fears
  • Remove stubborn patterns of behavior
  • Learn how to develop rapport
  • Remove the fear of being vulnerable
  • Create psychological safety
  • Replace judgment with discernment
  • Open-mindedness

If you want the members of your organization to fulfill their potential and create a thriving engaged workforce then leadership has to lead the way with personal development. Whether you feel it’s appropriate or not for people to bring their personal issues to work with them is immaterial. Because they do, and they always have.

This is where business can and should lead the way and doing so by providing personal development is going to reap big benefits, and a competitive advantage in attracting and maintaining talent, for the organizations that lead the way.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Soft Skills Mastery Process or our Instant Mindfulness Method™️ message me here on LinkedIn.

John English

Founder/CEO & Author

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