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30 years of experience, working with people from all walks of life, building 4 different successful businesses, working with ancient philosophies and becoming a warrior in the Toltec tradition, is the foundation that created the Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills that have transformed the lives of many business leaders…

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Leadership Skills

There’s a way to use your personality strengths for charismatic leadership so you can quickly develop rapport with anyone. When you can consistently accomplish this you’ll be the type of leader people respect, admire and want to follow…

Leadership Development

Leadership can achieve work-life balance to increase productivity, reduce stress and increase well being! One of the big problems is that the average working american works way too much and it’s killing productivity, employee engagement and well-being…

Leadership Philosophy

I see a big problem on the horizon for the future of leadership in the area of critical thinking. Critical thinking requires an ability to think outside of one’s current frame of reference. Thinking outside of the viewpoints and level of knowledge that gave rise to a challenge we face in business in the first place…

Our Mission

Using Ancient Wisdom principles we transform organizations into spirited cultures of purpose!

We achieve this by empowering individuals to become charismatic, mindful & passionate leaders.

Our Vision

To create a bridge to a new workplace where people are engaged, courageous & fulfilled in today’s world