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Values centered leadership.

“In this video post I share a piece of Ancient Wisdom knowledge for leadership I know you’ll find helpful for Values Centered Leadership. It will also eliminate a good deal of inner conflict for you.

There’s an ancient wisdom aphorism that’s perfect for Values Centered Leadership. It says, “All of life is 100% interrelated, interdependent, interconnected and therefore completely 100% interactive.”

Interesting to note that quantum physics has confirmed this as well. 

A problem I’ve witnessed with many leaders is that they live by one set of values at home and another set of values at work. Being that all of life is 100% interrelated, interdependent, interconnected and interactive—this creates an incongruence at work, and at home, that makes everything more difficult.

You are one integrative whole and you can’t live by one set of values at work and a different set at home and expect to achieve greatness as a leader! This incongruence will hold you back.

And, the people you lead will figure out your a phony and you won’t gain their respect. You’ve heard it said that, “Business is business” or “It’s nothing personal it’s just business.” This is bullshit and an excuse for someone to engage with and use the lower aspects of their nature. As opposed to facing them and transforming them.

When you embrace that all of life is 100% interrelated, interdependent, interconnected and interactive by defining your values and living by them in every area of your life you will create an extraordinary flow of life’s power!

This power will flow through you and make you a magnetic charismatic leader. You’ll be the type of leader that lives and practices transformational leadership. The lives of people who work for you will be transformed by your presence and leadership.

Transformational leadership that is values centered is needed in our world today more that ever. With workplace stress so high and employee engagement so low, people need work to become a place of growth and fulfillment again.

Our world needs values centered leadership to make the tough decisions ahead, to find a way to make the decisions that are going to benefit the company, its people, the environment and the world as one congruent whole.

How do you practice values centered leadership?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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