Unlock The Mystery of Employee Engagement: Give Employees These 3 things And They Will Be Happy, Productive and Engaged!

John English

Founder/CEO at Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business

Employee engagement has been a pathetic 33% for over a decade because in most cases people are not getting what they need from work.

When you make sure your employees have these three needs met people will be happy, productive and engaged. And, the video clip associated with this blog post is from a training where I taught employees how to meet these 3 needs for each other.

If you want to increase employee engagement at your company then you need to meet these 3 needs and teach everyone in your organization to do this for each other. How can I make this statement?

Because, these three needs are actually three things that every one of us want to know is true about our lives.

Let me explain.

At one point in the process of being mentored in the Ancient Wisdom of shamanic practices I was taught how to assist someone in the process of dying. Another way to think of this is it’s like a very old form of hospice care.

I’m grateful today that I’ve been able to hold the space and assist a few people in transitioning from this world. They were all very beautiful and humbling experiences.

There was a lot I learned from these experiences. One lesson in particular though can be brought into work relationships to create the respect, trust and appreciation necessary to have happy, productive and engaged people, and teams, in your organization.

Respect, trust and appreciation amongst the people in an organization, at all levels of the organization, can create the employee engagement where people love to show up fully for work everyday.

There are three things a person really wants to know about their life when they’re on their deathbed?

  1. That they grew as a human being and became better throughout their life.
  2. They need to know that their life mattered and that it mattered to other people.
  3. They need to know they’ve been a part of something that’s important.

When I witnessed the profound impact it had on someone at the end of their life to realize they had been seen and that their life mattered, I made a couple of decisions.

First, I should strive to let everyone I come in contact with know that they have been seen and that they matter. Second, since this has such a profound impact on someone I should demonstrate this were most of us spend the majority of our time. At work.

So I created the 3 Needs In Relationships and they work like a charm to create happy, productive, and engaged people and teams at work. They work so well to create employee engagement because three needs are three things everyone wants to know about their own lives.

The 3 Needs In Relationships are:

1.Each person needs to feel that they’re growing as a human being.

Let this person know that they’re going to grow as a human being simply by having a work relationship with you. Demonstrate with your actions and words that their growth is important to you.

2. Each person needs to feel that what they do and who they are matters. And, that it matters to you!

Establish real connection with people by acknowledging who they are and what they do. Let them know you see them. This will show them that they matter and that they matter to you.

3. Each person needs to feel that they’re a part of something that’s important.

Point out how each person, each team and every department’s contribution is important to fulfilling the company mission and vision. This is about purpose, and how you let other people know that you see their purpose within the company. That they themselves are an important piece to the company’s mission and vision.

I also teach the 3 Needs In Relationship in workshops on leadership and employee development because they help to create psychological safety, which Google discovered in an extensive study was the key to their most innovative teams.

According to Amy Edmondson  the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School…

“Psychological safety is a belief that one will NOT be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes.”

It’s been said many times, by several successful business leaders, that leadership is all about the people you lead. To achieve greatness with an organization you need thriving, happy and engaged people who want to be there and do a great job.

To have people want to show up fully and do their best you need to give them what all of us want. Which is to be seen, respected and appreciated.

When the 3 Needs In Relationships are fulfilled at work, work will become one of the most valued aspects of this person’s life. As a result you will have an organization full of people who trust one another and with this trust it will be safe to innovate and move forward.

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