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“In today’s video post I’m going to give you some tips on an essential transformational leadership skill. To do so let’s discuss an important question a viewer had surrounding leadership and office politics.

I’ve heard from many of the people I coach that they wish they didn’t have to deal with the bullshit of office politics. I get it but here’s the thing. Anytime you bring people together for a common purpose there is going to be some politicking involved.

Politicking involves working with perception and specifically framing things for a mutually beneficial outcome. A win-win. In the ancient wisdom teachings perception is much more than someone’s perspective—perception is how someone assembles their reality.

In our Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills training we make sure that each leader masters the art of working with perception. One of our members refers to the techniques used as, “Crazy good people skills!”

Here’s the the question from the viewer:

“What do you say when an executive leader asks you if your immediate supervisor is making a difference?”

It’s easy to see how this viewer might feel she’s in a bit of a tough spot here. Let’s see how we can help her work with perception which is a part of transformational leadership.

First, I would recommend making a true statement about her immediate supervisor that will put the executive leader’s mind at ease. Take note that I said a true statement! Once she’s done that, she could ask a question like…

“I’m wondering is there any specific feedback you’re looking for here?”

At this point the executive leader will most likely let her know why the question was asked or she might have to ask another question or two to understand what’s on the mind of the executive leader. Here’s another way to put this is, “What perception is the executive leader using to currently assemble the situation?”

Now it’s time to work with the perception of her immediate supervisor. She can ask herself some questions to analyze the effectiveness of their relationship. Such as…

“Where is our work relationship and communication working well?”

“Why and How is working well?”

“Where is not working well?”

“Where is this person’s leadership working?” Where is it not working?”

I think you get the idea. Before she speaks to her immediate leader she should get really clear on where things are at with their working relationship and the supervisors leadership.

The executive leader probably senses or heard there is some issue and that’s why he or she asked about it.

Next, let’s move onto how the viewer can handle any issues with her immediate supervisor.

After analyzing the effectiveness of the relationship she should look for an opportunity to bring the subject up in conversation with her supervisor. Here’s what I recommend here.

First, remember it’s very difficult for anyone to see themselves without the mirror of other people. So, your feedback is important to your supervisor for them to become a better leader.

Secondly, make sure your supervisor knows by using your tone of voice, body language and facial expressions that what you want is a super effective and comfortable relationship where you even enjoy working together. You could even mention that the executive leader got you to thinking about how the two of you could do even better than you are now.

What you’re doing here is feeling out your supervisor’s perception about your relationship, and looking for opportunities to place how you see the two of you could do better within your supervisor’s view of the world.

How would you handle a situation where a senior leader asks you about your immediate supervisor?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


Here’s a big opportunity today for Transformational Leadership in Corporate America!

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