Leadership Philosophy

Leadership: “What’s up his ass?”

“Transformational leadership is about transforming the lives of the people you lead at work. Since most people spend the majority of their waking hours working you’re in a unique position to make their lives much more enjoyable!

This video details how you can break a very common unproductive work pattern that has been the downfall of many leaders. This pattern creates low employee engagement and when it’s present employee retention remains a consistent problem.

It’s been said that a leader, “Can’t have a bad day.” If you’re in a bad mood and having a bad day and you don’t completely keep that to yourself, which is very hard to do by the way, then this will spread like wildfire through your team and organization.

As a leader it’s unfortunate that you really don’t have the luxury of having a bad day…But that’s just the way it is. So we might as well get over that and do something about it to break this pattern.

There’s an effective way for you overcome the problem of not being able to have a bad day and increase your effectiveness as a leader!

First, make sure you have a real human connection with your team. If they see that you’re like them—a normal human being who has problems in life. Then they will be much more forgiving. If you’re giving the impression that you’re perfect or above your people. Stop it! Otherwise they naturally look for an opportunity to knock you off the pedestal. This is human nature!

If you’ve had something happen at work or in your personal life that has you in a bad mood then use the connection you have with your team to shift your focus away from your problem and get back into your heart.

Heart is the energy almost everyone resonates with…and people love it! They respond to it in a leader. If you do make the mistake of letting your bad mood impact your team then admit your mistake. Give a brief explanation and shift the focus to your connection with your team at that point. You’ll be gad you did!

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence








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