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Transformational leadership with life's pattern.

“This post could bring your leadership into alignment with the most powerful transformational leadership skill you possess. I can say this because this is a skill everyone has although most people don’t consciously focus on it, and purposely use it.

I just spent an amazing weekend with a group of people who live the ancient wisdom way and I want to share with you a profound takeaway from the weekend.

It’s so amazing to witness the transformation that can take place when you spend a few days with a group of people who come together for a common purpose. This is the beauty of Transformational Leadership—it transforms the lives of the people you lead.

There were two items that came out of this weekend that developed into a theme. Let’s first discuss the two items and then the theme. Both will be very beneficial for you to achieve and maintain the energy of being a charismatic and transformational business leader.

The first point is about the pattern of all matter, and all life, within the Universe. We had a scientist in our group and he explained how everything in the universe from galaxies to atoms follows the pattern of a creative force that is always expanding out from its center.

The universe is getting bigger! And, everything from stars to people are creating more as a part of this expansion.

The second point that came out of the weekend was to have undying trust in the creative force. Meaning—a trust that the creative force Ancient Wisdom Keepers call life is always moving, expanding and creating more life. It’s growing…and evolving as it grows.

So, as a leader you will benefit immensely from having an undying trust in operating the way all life does. All challenges…all problems get resolved much easier when we operate the way life does!

An unwavering commitment to growing as a leader, to your personal evolution as a leader, and as a human being, needs to be a foundational theme of your life…

because that’s the way life itself operates!

Doesn’t it make sense to operate the way life does?

In our Wisdom Leadership Academy we have training and exercises to ensure you live in every area of your life according to the pattern of all life.

This alignment will produce better and more consistent results with less stress and overwhelm. It will make you much more attractive to better talent and it will increase your confidence.

What benefits can you imagine for your leadership if you were in complete alignment with life’s pattern of operating?

Where is your leadership out of alignment with this pattern?

One way we get out of alignment with Life’s pattern of operating is with work stress. Click Here to learn my Stress-Free Work Technique.

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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