Success Stories

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

-Bob Nardelli CEO Home Depot


CEO/Founder of Honsa Tools

“Over the last 30 years I have been an entrepreneur. I have 10 patented products and have been manufacturing and selling industrial tools and services internationally. I have never been so successful until after working with John English. My relationships with my employees, my customers and in my personal life have improved dramatically by employing the techniques John has taught me. These techniques are grounded in a philosophy of achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone involved in my life. This has resulted in my business moving into new and profitable territory that I hadn’t experienced beforehand. I attribute this to what I’ve learned and implemented from John English, thank you John!”


Attorney, Former Prosecutor and Director of Regulatory Compliance for a National Company

“I began working with John English as a coach in 2013 shortly before I began my campaign for Attorney General of the State of Arizona. Running a political campaign was exciting, but also challenging, especially in maintaining my authenticity and integrity.

In addition, I had a full-time position as an attorney in a busy law firm. Then while campaigning, I began a new relationship! John helped me navigate this time of my life with grace and power.

What I really appreciate about John is that he always looks at my life as one integrative whole and helps me see how all of its moving pieces fit together. He has a real knack (and some great processes) for discovering what is really going on with me in a situation and helping me quickly change my perception.  As a result, I have more peace, joy and productivity in my life.

I know John is very passionate about the lives of his clients and their potential. This is very beneficial because if you loose touch with your greatness, John will bring you right back to it. I continue to work with him and highly recommend his coaching programs, if you’re ready to fulfill your potential.”

By Ben Carlson

President of Carlson Glass Inc.

“John, has been a catalyst for our growth both personally and organizationally. John’s real world stories and examples provide clarity, wisdom, and guidance that is taking us to a whole new level. Thank you John for the life changing wisdom you have brought to us and our company!”

By Renee Cantor

Contract Executive

“Nine years ago I found the Ancient Wisdom training with John English and it forever changed my life. Immediately I became aware that I was in control of my own perception. Secondly, I lost the internal dialog, that little voice in my head who had held me back or told me that I was less then who I am. I use the techniques I learned from John everyday in meetings, team management and in changing the energy of stress to one of focused clarity to achieve my goals in leading others.”


President of Marula Oil

“The Ancient Wisdom Success Secrets have empowered and inspired me! As John has shared it with me over the last several years it has lead to building pillars of personal growth—in my business, relationships and health. His unique application of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings on creation has resulted in my dreams becoming reality!”

By Jon Christine

VP Paragon Mortgage

“I have worked with John on and off for several years now. As a result, I have learned and honed many great skills that have helped me in life and business. I am grateful to say that this year, my first year in the Wisdom Leadership Academy, was officially my best year ever personally, professionally, and in my relationships.”


Founder of Passion for Patients

“When I first met John English I had a dream for a business that I wanted to create to make a difference in the world. Shortly into our coaching he began sharing the Ancient Wisdom Success teachings with me on clarity and mastery of time. The results were awe-inspiring and immediate.

Thanks to his guidance, and applying these concepts, my business has been created much faster than I could have anticipated much to the amazement of my colleagues and friends. What I’m even more excited about is my dream has become a reality and I have clarity and mastery of time to propel me to new levels of success and prosperity going forward!”


Founder of Toltecnumerology.com

“Approximately six months ago, after being in business for over seven years, I was ready to give up. I was completely overwhelmed with the struggle of keeping the business open. I had tried everything I could think of to go beyond the struggle. Nothing was working.

With the business limping along I was experiencing extremely high levels of stress. This stress had begun to take its toll on my business and personal life. I was tired, burnt out and my energy level was probably at an all-time low. I was the walking definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

It was then that after working with John English, for many years as a personal and spiritual mentor, I began working with him as a business coach.  The results were dramatic and almost instantaneous. The revenue in my first quarter of coaching radically improved and has continued. The next quarter was the best my company has ever had.

The stress relief from a healthier cash flow is amazing but the best part is that through John’s help the passion for my work has been reignited. The term I use for this is “re-purposed”. I have remembered why I started my business in the first place. I know have a broader vision of the all the possibilities.

I continue to work with John on a regular basis, which is proving to be invaluable. His heartfelt guidance as I work with him keeps me focused. This allows me to move forward without stress to accomplish both my business goals and my personal goals.

The great news is that this much easier than I could ever have imagined. If you are a business owner and you’re struggling. If you’re not finding joy within your business and want quick results, I highly recommend you call John now.  I know you will be amazed at the results.”

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