7 Keys to Remarkable Leadership! [Key #3]

Critical thinking for leadership.

Key #3 for Remarkable Leadership is Flexibility!

When I was trained in the Ancient Wisdom principles, tools and techniques I was taught, and then actually shown, that everyone has a ‘view of the world.’

I was shown again and again that my ‘view of the world’, and other people’s ‘view of the world’ most often becomes a big limitation to the fulfillment of our potential.

Over the years I’ve noticed flexibility is one aspect great business leaders have in common. To have this you need to be fluid with how you see, think, feel and interact with every situation,…on every day.

If you’re not fluid with how you perceive things, then it becomes very easy to project your thoughts, beliefs, opinions and the negative experiences you’ve had onto the current situation. This makes it very difficult to learn anything new and make unbiased decisions based on fact.

To be successful as a business leader you need to work hard but you also need to use your intuitive power and capabilities. It’s all but impossible to use your intuition if you’re projecting your ‘view of the world’ onto your team during your busy life of business today.

So ask yourself, “In what situations do I lack fluidity?” “What beliefs, opinions and judgements do I project onto those I work with?”

And then…”How can I remain fluid?”

In my experience this type of self examination is what separates Remarkable Leaders from someone people just work for.

To the possible,

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