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How to beat procrastination in leadership!

“There’s a simple Leadership Skill to beat procrastination and ensure you always move forward as productively as possible. This process takes just 10 minutes on Monday and then only a couple of minutes per day the rest of the week.

Most of us have to battle procrastination at one time or another. So, it’s of great benefit to have a system you can use to defeat it as soon as it gets started. For the busy executive, manager or entrepreneur it’s very easy to let the urgent take over your day-to-day and crowd out the important.

To address this I developed a simple system for making sure I stay on task with what’s important for my business and don’t fall prey to the pattern of procrastinating by using my busy day-to-day as an excuse.

This system uses a simple 5 minute list, visionary leadership and an Ancient Wisdom technique. The technique brings the energy of the future into the present moment to inform the moment and drive your results forward. Before I give you my system we need to address a deadly pattern surrounding procrastination. That pattern is that a lot of people beat themselves up for procrastinating. This happens despite knowing that beating yourself up is completely counter productive.

Beating yourself up and replaying things over and over again in your mind is one reason why it’s so beneficial to be able to stop your mental chatter. This gives you control over what you think about. I recommend my Stress-Free Leadership Technique for that.

The Process.

Begin your week by making or maintaining a list of the top 3 items you need to accomplish that are going to give you the greatest results for driving business forward. Science has proven that the human brain can only focus on 3 to 4 things consciously at any one moment. So we want to use this knowledge with our list. Your list should only contain the absolute most important things you need to do to move the ball forward. Everything else should obviously be delegated.

When you set out to accomplish what’s on your list take 5 minutes on Monday to vision on it. Spend this time with deep conscious breathing, in through the nose and out thru the mouth with a sigh. A sigh is a sign to the unconscious mind that something is going to change. Interesting huh?

Spend half the time breathing focusing on gratitude. Spend the second half going forward in your mind to when the items on your list are completed. Allow your self to feel what you will feel then for each item. Maybe it’s happiness or joy…maybe it’s relief. Whatever it is take note of each emotion you feel at completion for each item on your list.

When you set out to accomplish these things on your list if you get interrupted deal with the interruption and then come back to your list and the feeling of when the item your working on is accomplished. Really focus on that emotion and hold it.

If during the week you find yourself procrastinating go back to your breathing for a couple of minutes to really anchor the feeling of completion again. When visioning really see all the great results you’re going to get with having this item completed.

What items do you tend to procrastinate on?

Are there any pattern to your procrastination?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence







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