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Leadership with ingenuity & innovation for problem solving.

“A simple Leadership [Hack] to ensure you use Ingenuity and Innovation for Problem Solving. Being too familiar with a problem kills ingenuity and innovation because most often you will only run it through your view of the world. And, it’s natural for you to do so. This makes it very difficult to think outside the box to solve it.

The good news is there’s a simple way to remedy this. Let’s start with the process to ensure you don’t get stuck by your view of the world. Then I’ll give you the ancient wisdom explanation on what’s happening energetically and why something so simple is so powerful and effective.

Isolation is often a big problem for people in leadership. For obvious reasons you have to be careful discussing problems with peers, superiors and people who work for you. In many cases if you discuss problems with your spouse or significant other than you’re brining work home with you.

So. what to do?

I recommend having a team, or what I call an Inner circle, that you can discuss anything with. This includes leadership challenges and issues that are personal. I use my coach and 3 other trusted friends.

This inner circle is where we provide a sounding board and honest feedback for each other. It’s an outlet we can’t get anywhere else and of course our communications are held in complete confidence.

What these trusted confidants do is give me a perspective outside of my view of the world. After speaking with one or two of them about the challenge the best solution almost always comes to me fairly quickly.

So, why do we get stuck and why does reaching out to another person about it help so much.

To explain this we’re going to use the ancient wisdom teachings on energy and sound. Everything at it’s foundational level is energy including the problem your trying to solve at work. As you think and think about this problem your filling your mental, emotional and physical bodies, as well as the energy field around your body, with the energy of the problem.

When you speak to your coach or someone within your circle about the problem, you’re using the power of sound in your voice to release all of the energy of the problem. Once you’ve done this you can have clarity and you’re open to see clearly a solution that is outside your view of the world. An out of the box solution!

In our Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills training at the Wisdom Leadership Academy you would learn to do this process intentionally to save yourself time, and stop wasting mental and emotional energy.

Do you have a coach or inner circle you can discuss anything with?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence






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