Leadership Development

The One Thing for Leadership Development

“Every week you can do one thing to push the ball forward with your leadership development!

Transformational Leadership is a journey, and despite challenges, and even chaos, you can stay on the path to transform yourself into a great leader and transform the lives of the people you lead.

One of the greatest accomplishments I’ve witnessed for growth in leadership has come when the person learns to thrive on challenge by controlling their stress. Stress can be controlled and even eliminated with a mindfulness that includes being mindful of your body. It is your brain and body that launch the stress response.

With mindfulness the stress response can be stopped. This makes it easier to lead while at the same time taking better care of your health.

You can continue to grow as a leader even during your most busiest times at work with very little investment of time. At the beginning of each week ask yourself, “What’s the one thing I can do to improve this week that will drive my results as a leader forward?”

Taking just a couple of minutes at the beginning of the week to ponder this question can make a big difference. Then set a leadership development goal for the week.

Then at the end of the week take a couple of minutes to review your progress. You’ll be glad you did. Leave a comment about the one thing you can do next as a leader to improve your leadership skills.

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence!


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