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Leadership skill using heart in leadership.

“Leading with heart is a leadership skill you can begin using immediately to improve employee morale and engagement! I’ve created a technique to use this skill to turn around those negative situations at work as quickly as possible. With a little practice it will increase employee connection within your workforce because people will follow your lead.

First we need to establish that heart is so much more than what most people usually identify it with. It contains great leadership qualities like courage, compassion, empathy, wisdom and power. The ancient wisdom teachings say that the power of the universe can most accurately be described as Heart. So, as a leader you should know how to use it effectively.

What many people don’t know is this energy, this power, resides within you physically and that you can shift your focus instantly to this power with a little training on how to do so. You can shift to this focus no matter what is going on around you and even in the middle of a conversation.

The location where the powerful energy of heart exists within you is right here at the center of your sternum.

Leadership Skill...Use Heart in Leadership!

This location is often referred to as your heart center. By training yourself to focus here a couple of inches into your physical body the people around you will naturally respond to your energy. They will release their stress where research on the brain proves they can’t perform at their best.

By speaking to people while you’re focusing at this location it will infuse your words with the powerful energy of heart. This will make it so much easier for people to actually hear what your saying.

It’s very difficult for people to take action on what you communicate to them if they don’t hear you!

I’ve taken this process and put it into a 5 minute daily training that any leader can use to develop this leadership skill. This training is at the foundation of my WLA training. Which is the most unique Leadership Development you’ll find anywhere as a leader to improve your leadership skills and increase employee engagement.

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Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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