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Powerfully staying the course.

“An important Leadership Skill is staying the course when most others would quit. In this post I’m going to show you the ancient wisdom way for powerfully staying the course.

As a leader you need to stay inspired, and inspiring, when the going gets really tough. How do you do this when you need to stick to a strategy or you need to stay the course of making major organizational changes? My clients and I have found the Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skill of working with space and time to be the best way to powerfully stay the course.

I remember when my mentor began to teach me this skill. We were sitting on the back porch of his home in Scottsdale AZ and I was telling him about how I would go out into the desert for a particular meditation practice I was using. He listened thoughtfully as he watched the humming birds in his backyard. When I was done he looked at me and said, “John, if you want the energy of the desert…then bring it to you.”

This was the beginning of accessing other spaces and times for when I needed them in the moment. If you’ve been working on mindset or meditating then you’ve been doing a form of working with space and time.

So, let’s focus on how to use space and time to powerfully stay the course. You can use this technique for most anything, but to make this easy to understand I’m going to provide an example:

Let’s say you’re implementing a strategy that’s a lot of work. You’re at the point where you haven’t seen the payoff yet but everyone needs to keep working hard to implement it. It’s the point in the process where the initial excitement has worn off. I call this point the dog days of implementation.

When you hit this point as a leader you need to keep yourself and everyone else inspired. Here’s how you do this.

As often as you need to you get to a spot where you can be quiet and uninterrupted for 5 minutes. Take two breaths in through the nose and out though the mouth with an audible sigh. Interestingly, a sigh is a sign to the unconscious mind that something is going to change. And, what’s going to change is you’re going to use time and space to change your mindset.

After closing your eyes during the second sigh use your imagination and your vision on your mind screen to go forward to the time and space where the strategy has been implemented. See and hear what you’ll see and hear then. Allow yourself to fully feel the accomplishment. When you’re really feeling it allow the feeling to expand and fill your entire body. When the process feels complete simply open your eyes and go back to work.

That’s it. Pretty simple huh? What you’re doing here is bringing the energy of the success in the future into the moment of now to inform you and your team.

Managers, Executives and Entrepreneurs who have trained in my Stress-Free Leadership Technique are able to make a shift like this in 10 to 15 seconds. You can get this technique for free when you have a complimentary Wisdom Leadership Session at Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business. I’ll put a link in the comments for you to check that out.

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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