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If you want your leadership to go to the next level then you need a cause and a vision people will embrace. Leadership development should include training on the leadership qualities of the entrepreneurial spirit.

When 16 year old Boyan Slat found himself swimming with more plastic bags than fish he made a decision to do something about all the plastic garbage floating in our oceans. In 6 short years it’s incredible what he has been able to accomplish by leading with a cause and a vision!

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One of the most powerful elements you can create to take your leadership to the next level is to create a movement. In today’s post you’re going to become inspired to do so within the context of your leadership through the story of a young entrepreneur.

100,000 mammals and 1M birds die every year after swallowing plastic in the ocean. There’s more…

Please pause to fully take in this next statistic. The UN projects that unless urgent action is taken that there will be be more plastic in the oceans by 2050 than fish!

More plastic than fish! That’s only 33 years from now…

Well thank God one inspired young entrepreneur has decided to do something about it. In just 6 years Boyan Slat and his team have invented a way to clean up the ocean’s plastic garbage and raised over 30M to do it!

Next year they’re going to deploy their floating cleanup barrier in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which lies between California and Hawaii. Estimates indicate it can clean up 50% of the Pacific’s plastic within 5 years!

Isn’t that incredible?

Now that we’re inspired by the power of the human spirit when it comes to solving a problem as a leader…

How can you apply the lessons here to your leadership?

There are 3 elements in the ancient wisdom teachings about honoring each human being that fit right in with this topic of having a cause and a vision as a leader.


  • Every person needs to know that who they are as a human being matters.
  • That they’re going to continue to grow as a human being by working with you.
  • That they’re a part of something that’s important.


You can see from our example of this young man, Boyan Slat, that everyone who is associated with him is obviously getting these 3 elements with his cause and vision.

You may not see that leading your team is as important as this example, or you might feel it would be difficult to come up with a cause and a vision.

I get it, and I understand. But, here’s the thing. As a leader you’re in a unique position to make each team member’s life much better because people spend the majority of their waking lives at work.

If they’re happy and fulfilled at work then that’s going to positively impact every area of their lives.

Enlist your team’s feedback about how they can make their experience at work more fulfilling individually and collectively. Make a joyful and productive work experience the cause. Make being the best team in your organization the vision. Be sure to enlist your teams help in establishing what this vision looks like.

This is why I created the Wisdom Leadership Academy…so you can come together with other leaders to learn the Ancient Wisdom Leadership skills (skills by the way that have been used for 1000’s of years to master the human experience) to create a work environment that brings back the pride of being fulfilled at work again.

Click Here for Ancient Wisdom Leadership.

How can you establish a cause and vision for your team?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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