Leadership Development

A leadership development revamp.

“I was reading an article lately where a CEO said leadership development needs to be revamped to focus more on who leaders are, instead of what they do. I couldn’t agree more!

So, in today’s post we’re going to focus on heart-centered leadership. And, how it contains the power to provide the direction, along with every quality leaders need today, to lead people into the opportunity of having better lives. Heart-centered leadership is a central focus in our Ancient Wisdom Leadership Development.

I’ve been studying Ancient Wisdom for almost 20 years and for the last 10 I’ve been using it in business and coaching others to do so as well. As a result we’ve been experiencing a lot more happiness and well being at work.

You’ve probably read many posts on desired leadership qualities like integrity, honesty, being vulnerable with people, empathy, humility, charisma and many more. These are all excellent qualities but what I want to focus on today is…

“What is the energy that’s going to result in your leadership consistently demonstrating those desirable qualities?” From my experience that energy is Heart.

One fascinating fact about  the people I call Ancient Wisdom Keepers is that they’ve been studying the Universe and it’s power for 1000’s of years. They’ve been passing down that knowledge from generation to generation for a very long time.

Despite these 1000’s of years of study, by their own admission, these very wise people admit with humility that they only know a little bit more about this power than when they first began studying it!

What they have learned is that this power is always moving and expanding, I know pretty obvious…but in describing the energy of this power they say it can most accurately be described as Heart.

Heart is the energy that will provide you with all of the highly desired leadership qualities. It is the feeling of your real identity. That of your spirit. Your real identity is not VP of Marketing, Director of Business Development, or CEO, it’s your Spirit! The way to live in the power of your Spirit as a leader is to live in your heart and practice heart centered leadership.

This is a central component of my Stress-Free Work Technique. Once you spend the 5 minutes per day for 30 days to train on it, you’re going to find it so much easier to have the well being and results of heart-centered leadership.

Click Here to get this technique as my gift to you.

Until next time… Lead with a Commanding Presence


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