Leadership Development

Leadership Development

“In this post let’s lay a path for leadership development that can provide extraordinary results with your leadership. At the same time it will provide for a lot more happiness and peace.

This path comes right out of the Ancient Wisdom of the Toltec teachings on the path of the warrior. These teachings provide a great opportunity for you to simultaneously grow as a person, and a leader of people.

In the Toltec teachings there are 4 natural enemies of the warrior. Warrior is simply a term that is used to describe someone who is working through the teachings for his or her personal empowerment.

The first natural enemy is also an enemy of any leader, and besting this enemy should be a part of any leadership development. That enemy is fear. Fear often leads to stress. Research on the brain proves it’s impossible to be at your best when you’re stressed.

So how do we overcome fear?

To defeat this enemy you need to go after it on two levels, and address your ego. The two levels are logic and emotion. Logically you need to own that the overwhelming amount of what you’ve feared in the past has never come to pass.

You need to realize and then own, that all of the time you’ve spent worrying about whatever it is you’re fearful about, has been a complete waste of time. Do this acknowledging that when something you feared did materialize, all the time you spent worrying about it was complete waste of time and energy.

Next, you need to realize that fear is the realm of your ego. Fear is used by your ego on two counts. First, it’s meant to keep you trapped in the false identity of your ego.

You have never been your ego, nor will you ever be your ego!

You’re so much more than this false identity. It would be laughable if your ego didn’t cause you so many problems. Instead you’re a spiritual being having a human experience.

Identifying with your spirit instead of anything else will go along way toward besting your fear.

Secondly, fear is actually hidden self importance. Meaning that your ego has inflated your importance surrounding what it is that you fear. To disassemble this requires reflection…which I highly advise. 🙂

After addressing fear logically you need to address it on an emotional level. I have a process for this that will replace your fears with courage and drain there emotional energy!

Get yourself in a quiet place and take a couple of deep breaths. Call to mind the fear and allow yourself to fully feel it. Hold the fear, hold it in your body, fully feel it and you will find that once you do this it will begin to dissipate and in most cases completely dissolve.

This is a meditative way to face your fear and expose them for the illusion that they are.

One note here. If you’re the victim of abuse I recommend you get professional help for this and don’t try this on your own. It will work for most everything else.

For leadership in today’s fast paced world you need emotional intelligence and the full capacity of your mental power. Fear has no place in this equation.

When it comes to leading people what fears keep you up at night?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence









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