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Leadership Development and Coaching.

“You’ve probably heard a lot about using coaching within leadership. That the command and control style of leadership is dead and you need to switch to a coaching model. If you’re trying to make this switch, or if you’ve already done that, then you’ll find today’s post helpful in becoming a more effective coach for those you lead.

There’s aspects in the Ancient Wisdom teachings about relationships that directly relate to coaching and there especially helpful and effective for coaching in business.

First, All relationships are about personal growth because it’s almost impossible for anyone to grow without the mirror of other people. In our ancient wisdom leadership skills training we spend a lot of time working with your view of the world and specifically about how to expand it.

To expand someone else’s view of the world, like a team member, involves coaching. It involves Relationship, Observation, and Coaching Questions to determine their view of the world. Then you use coaching questions along with intentionally using Inspiration to expand their view of the world.

Helping someone expand their view of the world, which includes all of their limiting beliefs about themselves, is of great benefit to you and them. We call this a mutually beneficial outcome. Here’s an example ==> Leadership Development being about Employee Development.

So, how can you determine a team members view of the world? How it’s holding them back and how you can coach them into expanding it to create growth as an employee and a human being. Again, the keys are Relationship, Observation, and Coaching.

You need a to have a relationship with each person on your team that let’s them know you care about…

  • Their growth.
  • Their contribution.
  • And about them as a human being!

You need to observe them to see how they’re trying to grow. Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself to help with this.

  • What holds them back?
  • What challenges do they continually come up against?
  • Where do they create problems that take them in the opposite direction of their goals or that make achieving their goals more difficult?

Next, you can use these questions about their view of the world…

  • What do they believe about themselves that are limitations to excelling?
  • What do they believe about themselves that directly opposes what they want to achieve?

A couple of examples of this could be a person who sees themselves as less than others or maybe they see themselves as a victim. Look for opportunities to expand their view of the world about what’s possible by coaching them. A key to being really good at this is to ask questions that guide them to the conclusion that they need to release their self imposed limitations.

What questions have worked well for you in coaching your team?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence






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