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“You have a very powerful Leadership tool you might not be using as much as you could. [Link to Technique] This tool is actually a power you posses as a human being that you can apply in your decision making process. This leadership tool is your intuition and its access to your unconscious mind.

In this week’s Shift the Focus Friday video your going to learn that you need mental clarity without “self talk” to access your intuitive power. Science has determined your conscious mind can only hold three to four things at one time yet they’ve also discovered that the human brain can hold 4.7 billion books of information!

So your brain is incredibly powerful but your conscious mind can only focus on three to four things in any one given moment. Everything else you’ve learned, experienced, and even just witnessed in passing, is stored within your unconscious mind. So, the obvious question becomes how do you access all of this wisdom and knowledge when you need it in the moment.

We have a phrase that depicts how the intuition and the unconscious mind work together to achieve this powerful wealth of information. We say, “It comes to mind.”

In the past you’ve probably stressed and worried about a problem only to get nowhere with it. Then when you gave up the best solution simply “Came to Mind.” This happened because your mind relaxed with mental clarity and your intuition accessed the solution from the enormous amount of experience locked away in your unconscious mind.

The Ancient Wisdom teachings and training place a huge emphasis on intentionally using this process and even mastering it!

The first step is commonly referred to as mindfulness but you can go way beyond that with a little training. You can actually train yourself to stop all mental chatter and receive the information you need to make better decisions by learning to focus in the right location in your physical body. You can learn more about how to do this and stop the stress response in your body by clicking the link associated with this post.

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence.









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