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“Leadership can rise to the occasion or bite the dust based on how the leader handles a challenge. The right leadership mindset can determine the difference between success and failure.

A challenging environment or a crisis can provide the opportunity for an explosion of growth for a leader and their team. In today’s Wednesday’s Wisdom post here at Ancient Wisdom Leadership we’re going to discuss a couple of key points contained in the Ancient Wisdom teachings that will assist you in having the right mindset for those difficult times.

First, Ancient Wisdom tells us that all challenges are about personal growth. Meaning they’re designed for you and your team to become more empowered. Secondly, that all relationships are about personal growth. Meaning in the work environment that all challenges are about leadership and employee development.

Keeping this at the forefront of your mind as you confront and overcome a challenge is a simple mindset hack that can make a huge difference in results! It will reduce the stress level in obtaining those results for yourself and your team.

This mindset can also become a value held in mind by you and your team as you battle the challenge. It can provide connection and camaraderie and increase team unity and engagement.

When facing the next challenge at work remember that it’s about becoming more empowered and that you and everyone else is going to grow from the challenge. Keep this at the forefront of your mind as you work through the challenge.

Have a meeting with your team when the challenge presents itself to establish this mindset. Get them to imagine and develop a vision on how much more empowered they will be by overcoming this challenge.

If you lose this focus by stressing or worrying or beginning to see yourself as a victim toss that garbage out!…

and come right back to this mindset. Leave a comment about how you can use this mindset at work and with your team.

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence.






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