“All employees have an innate desire to contribute to something bigger than themselves.”

Jag Randhawa

Ryan Schwartz

Chief Relationship Specialist

a.k.a Mr. Wonderful

Dear Friend,

My name is Ryan Schwartz and I’m the Chief Relationship Specialist here at Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business, a.k.a “Mr. Wonderful.”

John gave me that nickname because after undergoing my training to become a warrior, whenever he asked me, “How are you doing?” I replied, “I’m wonderful!” He gave me that nickname, and I guess it has stuck.

Anyway, I’m glad you reached out. You might be doing so for a variety of reasons…

• To enquire about private coaching.
• To schedule your coaching session included in your Instant Mindfulness Method membership.
• To learn more about our onsite training for your organization or perhaps you’re interested in the Wisdom Leadership Academy.
• Or maybe you just want to get to know our company and more about our unique approach to leadership development.

Ancient Wisdom says, “All of life is about relationships” so I’m interested in developing one with you. I’d like to focus on sharing what I’ve learned with the intention of assisting you in becoming a True Business Warrior…

A servant leader who leads with the Power of Heart!

If you’re interested in our complimentary Wisdom Leadership Session… Here’s what you can expect us to cover.

• How ancient wisdom can guide you in the rapidly changing world of business today and how it sets itself apart from any other approaches to leadership development.
• Together we will find out what you want, and what’s the fastest, and most resourceful, way for you to get it.
• Valuable tools for transforming your leadership and your life. The work in this session will be based on your application below.

Just so you know…

Our private coaching programs are a serious investment and John only works with a limited number of clients at one time. This allows the focus necessary to create a transformation for you to achieve extraordinary results.

We carefully review each application so please take your time in answering the questions. Once you have submitted the application you will be redirected to schedule a 15 minute call with me so we can get to know each other and for you to take full advantage of the session.

Until then…Lead with the Commanding Presence of Heart!

Ryan Schwartz
Chief Relationship Specialist
a.k.a. “Mr. Wonderful”

        Our Mission

        Using Ancient Wisdom principles we transform organizations into spirited cultures of purpose!

        We achieve this by empowering individuals to become charismatic, mindful & passionate leaders.

        Our Vision

        To create a bridge to a new workplace where people are engaged, courageous & fulfilled in today’s world