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Critical thinking for leadership.

“There’s an ancient wisdom way to take your critical thinking ability to a new level. Actually, you can also use this process for decision making, creative thinking and maintaining mental clarity.

Let’s start with a powerful observation about critical thinking and for that we’re going to go to it’s definition. According to the dictionary critical thinking is…

Critical Thinking for Leadership

The definition of critical thinking implies that you haven’t made a judgement yet! This means practicing non-judgement while doing your analysis is very important.

Another way this is commonly phrased is to say, “Thinking outside the box.” So, what is the box and how do you think outside of it? How do you hold off on making a judgement until you’re truly ready to do so?

The box is your view of the world. For most people this is a detailed construct of limiting beliefs, opinions and judgements based on their experiences in life. As opposed to their experience being the power of knowledge ready to apply with clarity and precision. Being limited by your view of the world is deadly for a leader. It leads to bad decisions, difficulties in guiding people and it makes personal growth a lot more challenging.

How do you use critical thinking without being limited by your view of the world? You need to focus on what your analyzing without, worry, stress or internal dialog. If you pause to think about it, you’ll realize you have instant access to all of your experience as the power of knowledge, without having to dialog internally about it. It’s just there.

Your internal dialog is what brings up the limitations of your beliefs, opinions and judgements. This mental chatter is the source of worry and stress and it makes it next to impossible to think creatively when it comes to innovating or objectively when it comes to analysis.

There’s an Ancient Wisdom mindfulness practice where you focus in your solar plexus while you observe, while you examine the facts. With a little practice this will stop your internal dialog and allow you access to the full power of your reason and intuition simultaneously.

This is a way of intentionally relaxing your mind so that you can absorb facts without judgement and allow the solutions you need, to simply “Come to Mind” as opposed to chasing them with worry and stress.

Leave a comment about your process for critical thinking.

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