Creating a Business is Simple

How do I create a business?

Starting a business or creating a business is actually very simple. At times, it might not be easy to do. But the process is very simple.

What you really need to do is to find a problem that needs to be solved. And finding a problem that you are passionate about solving.

In this video I lay out the major steps for creating a business.

  • Finding a problem
  • Develop your target market. Clearly define the people you are selling your products to
  • Develop and clearly define a process to solve this problem. Get proofs that it actually works.
  • Funnel people into this solution
  • Get a mentor to help you. Someone who has created at least one successful business

It is important to have someone to guide you through a transformation and create a business. 

I love being in business! Creating businesses and then running those businesses has been so rewarding and provided an avenue for an enormous amount of personal growth in my life.

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