Controlling the Energy of Your Vision

for leadership.

My teacher taught me something that was taught to him by his teacher, which was passed down to my teacher’s teacher by his teacher and so on…

It’s fascinating to me that this knowledge, which we now consider to be scientific fact, was known by the ancient wisdom keepers of several cultures thousands of years before science even got around to it!

That fact is, matter (our physical world) is actually energy.

I was taught…

  • Energy organizes matter
  • Knowledge organizes energy
  • The more knowledge you have the less energy it takes to organize and create matter!

So how can you use this in leading your organization and creating more success?

Right now in 2017 many are aware of how important mindset, vision and passion are in creating the results you want in business. I first became aware of this back in the early 90’s but it wasn’t until 2003 that I put together what scientifically, or you could say energetically, was taking place with this process.

You’re mind with all of it’s thoughts, and your passion (emoting how you feel) are energies that you create that either create the results you want, results you don’t want, or something in between.

Feel free to consult quantum physics to prove what I just said.

This is also why over the last 20 years or so many people have become aware of the process of using their minds and heart (feelings) to create the results that they desire.

They do this by channeling their thoughts and feelings through their vision of what they want to create. This process was made mainstream by the movie “The Secret” back in 2006.

As leaders we want to choose consciously the creative energy we want to move our teams and organizations forward in the direction of our vision.

With everything you’re doing you’re creating the energy that organizes the physical matter of your team and organization.


It’s of great benefit to stop creating the energy that you don’t want, making everything about leading people more difficult, and make sure you create the energy that will help fulfill your vision.

It’s often said that leaders can’t afford a bad day. Kinda of sucks…but it’s really true. Especially when you consider what we just talked about and that it will create an energy that will inform the entire organization.

So as a leader how do you avoid doing that?

The easiest way I found is to have control over your mental and emotional state. And how to do this is another thing I was taught in ancient wisdom and put in my Stress-Free Work Technique.

When you think about the energy you’re creating at work that’s informing your organization…

What is the one energy you want to stop creating at work?

What is one energy that you want to create now to inform your organization?

Make sure that all of your communications in your organization are reflective of the intent of creating what you want and eliminating what you don’t!

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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