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The best ancient wisdom leadership skill.

“In this video I share what I feel is the best ancient wisdom leadership skill to increase employee engagement. It will also bring you a great feeling of accomplishment as a leader.

A big thank you to the private client who asked, “John, what do you think is the best or most important leadership skill from the ancient wisdom teachings?”

There are so many extraordinary Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills…but, if I had to narrow it down to one I would have to say “fluidity of perception.”

Let’s begin with a reminder for our regular viewers, and a little background if this is the first post you’ve seen where we’re discussing perception.

In the Ancient Wisdom Teachings we’re taught that perception is how we assemble reality. A common misconception is that perception is synonymous with perspective. One way to understand the distinction quickly is to realize that your perspective is simply your viewpoint on one particular situation. Whereas your perception is your awareness. Your seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing that you use to form a viewpoint or perspective on that situation.

The reason you want fluidity of perception as a leader is because it can be very detrimental for all of your biases or filters you use with your awareness, to impact how you assemble something. Perception is how you assemble the world…your world.

Fluidity of perception is having control over your awareness, being aware of your filters and being able to perceive anything…anyway you choose. So, having fluidity of perception as a leader means you can put aside any bias or filter while working with a challenge, a goal, a conversation, a strategy, a tactic…really working with anything, and have the power to assemble that thing…anyway you choose.

Very powerful indeed! In another Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skill post I discuss how fluidity of perception is important for critical thinking.

Another important point. With fluidity of perception you will be empowered by your experience as opposed to being limited by it in any way. Your decisions will be better because you won’t be limited by one point of view. You will have a lot more clarity with fluidity of perception, less stress and anxiety, and a lot less limitation.

Having fluidity of perception will positively impact every area of your leadership and really every area of your life! Because, with fluidity of perception you will find it so much easier to practice emotional intelligence.

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Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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