7 Keys to Remarkable Leadership! [Key #7]

Critical thinking for leadership.

Key #7 for Remarkable Leadership is Mastery of Time!

That’s right…Not time management or saving time…Time Mastery.

Mastery of Time is a central pillar of the Ancient Wisdom way of living and since leadership is a part of life…it’s a central pillar there as well.

I’m going to ask you to look at time differently.

To begin with I’m going to use a phrase from “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. (Awesome book by the way I highly recommend it.)

In the book Gay describes a realization he had about time that accurately depicts the Ancient Wisdom Teachings on Time.

“You are the creator of Time!”

A deep debatable subject I know…but true nonetheless.

So how can you use this when it comes to leading other people at work and just as importantly how can you create more time at work?

The short answer lies in the blog post Key #5 having Conscious Work Relationships. Relationships can be a source of connection and mutually beneficial outcomes or they can be a source of frustration, resistance and wasted time!

The human being is an intuitive social and group conscious being that desires connection and personal growth. When this taken into account with managing them, along with the 3 needs in relationships (Key#5), you unlock the intuitive and group conscious aspect of their innate nature and power.

The executives and entrepreneurs I’ve coached that have managed this way have employees that are actively engaged. Actively engaged employees make less mistakes [Saves Time], anticipate challenges [More Time Saved], and are more co-operative with their coworkers [Even More Time Saved].

synchronicity: The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection [HIGHLIGHT Let’s discuss]

Through their relationships these successful leaders create a synchronistic relationship with people and time. The most uncanny things begin to happen like…

Instead of having to go through the lengthy search process to fill a position the perfect person stops by their company to inquire about employment.

While on a cold call at a major corporation where no one gets in without an appointment, the CEO arrives at the same time…and opens the door for them! Proceeds to start a conversation and immediately puts them into the office of the person they need to speak with.

I once wrote, got edited, and founded a publication company to produce what became an award-winning novel in 18 months! With…NO Funds to do so, NO prior knowledge on how to do it or the path I would take, and…all after being told I didn’t know how to write!

Developing a synchronistic relationship with Time is stepping into the power of being a creator of Time—the beginning of Mastery of Time—and it happens through consciously working with all your relationships.

You might have heard this referred to as being in the flow. Mastery of Time is staying the flow.

How can you change your approach in your relationships at work to make them more harmonious?

How can you activate within your people the innate desire for personal growth to excel at work?

Until next time…Lead with a Commanding Presence


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