7 Keys to Remarkable Leadership! [Key #4]

Critical thinking for leadership.

Key #4 for Remarkable Leadership is the Ability to Instantly Achieve Mental and Emotional Clarity!

While I was studying ancient wisdom over the last 17 years I was also studying the greatest business leaders of our time. I noticed one quality many had in common was they didn’t get stressed when you and I would most likely do so.

What does it mean to have the ability to instantly achieve mental and emotional clarity?

It means that at any moment, of any day…no matter what’s going on with you, or with your team, you can ground and center yourself in the moment and obtain a calm mental and emotional state.

If this sounds like a tall order,…pay attention. Because it might surprise you how simple it is to have this type of control.

Being able to instantly control your mental and emotional state only involves accomplishing one thing. And, there are only two steps to that one thing!

That one thing is you have to be able to stop the stress response.

Yes, I mean stop it…Dead in its tracks! This is accomplished by learning to shift your state from one of stress and anxiety to one of peace and ultimately love.

The problem with stress is that it’s triggering the survival instinct of your brain and body when your survival is not at stake!

According to a lot of scientific research Chronic Stress negatively impacts almost every cognitive function which means none of us can think clearly when we’re stressed!

Chronic Stress is stress that happens regularly and lasts for several hours. Unfortunately this is the type of stress so many people are stuck in today due to the demands of work in an extremely fast paced world.

Here are just a handful of benefits to stopping the stress response:

  • Increase in personal productivity.
  • Increase in team productivity.
  • Ability to consistently think clearly.
  • Less wasted time due to workplace drama.
  • Better health and well being.

Imagine for a moment the respect and admiration you’ll get from your team and peers, when you’re the leader at work who is calm and centered no matter what the circumstances.

Stopping the Stress Response: Step 1

The first step to training yourself to stop stress is learn to focus inside your physical body and feel your presence there.

This will also stop your mental chatter which is often a lot of negative internal dialog about all that’s wrong with the current situation.

The presence you’ll feel with a focus inside your physical body is referred to as your soul, spirit, energy or higher self.

It doesn’t matter what you call your real presence, that which makes your body alive, what matters is that when you train yourself to feel it in your body, your body will realize your live is not threatened and it will stop the stress response.

Stopping the Stress Response: Step 2

The second step to stopping the stress response is to solve the riddle of identity.

The stress response, when your survival is not at stake, is at its root, the result of an identity crisis.

You can instantly stop your stress by identifying with your spirit as opposed to what you do for work, the current situation, or anything else for that matter! This is how you solve the riddle of identity…you identify with your spirit.

To sum it up, stopping your brain and body from launching your survival instinct in the stress response, is accomplished with a focus in your body where you feel your real identity, that of your spirit, residing there.

Learning to do this is something I learned from the ancient wisdom teachings and then taught myself how to apply in my business life and personal life.

Having this ability is so life altering for leaders in business today that it’s the first thing I train people to do in all of my private and group coaching.

To the possible,

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